Clarisse is a 25 year-old girl with spectacles and a regular day-job; but her true occupation is that of a slasher ninja– as in writer-artist-illustrator-blogger-photographer-traveler-baker, among other things. She enjoys juggling all of her hobbies and passions and strives to find time for them all.

A self-portrait in a doodle. Ironically she forgets to draw in her fuel, namely coffee. (© 2011 Cla Panuelos)

A self-portrait in a doodle. Ironically she forgets to draw in her fuel, namely coffee. (© 2011 Cla Panuelos)

Most of her passions involve creating something out of nothing, may it be a short story inspired by a photograph she took; or some sort of dish inspired by the culture of a country she recently visited. Or it could be some simple doodle or artwork inspired by a song she has been listening to for the past twelve days.

This blog is the home for all the things she loves, as well as the outlet for her thoughts. Her brain is constantly on hyperdrive, and laying out her ideas and observations on virtual paper helps to free up some space when the traffic becomes too much to handle.

Part of her regular routine involves the things she does for her beloved food blog, and occasionally she finds the time to write reviews on her book blog as well.

Random facts about Clarisse:

  • She is obsessed with making lists.
  • The only confection she cannot live without is 72% dark chocolate. And maybe chocolate ice cream, if that even counts as a confection.
  • She enjoys solitude and is painfully terrible at small talk.
  • She always carries either a notebook or a book in her bag. Always.
  • She considers writing her greatest love, though drawing is her first love.
  • When she obsesses over an artist’s music, she has the tendency to listen to their record non-stop for weeks.
  • She believes that the only person with the true power to turn dreams into reality is the self.

Last updated 25th February, 2016.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Brilliant! I’m delighted by everything you’ve said so far. Can’t wait to read more of your thoughts. You’re a rarity — that’s for sure. Peace and blessings, Michele

  2. Hi Clarisse. Nice to meet you and your blog. I was actually searching for something related to Ariel Lin’s In Time With You and found you. Then I couldn’t stop reading your posts. You have deep thought. Amazingly, I have this kind of feeling…I feel like I am meeting my old friend. I am also interested in books, dramas, music, drawing, and taking pictures. Again, I’m thankful I could meet you. Be happy and healthy, Clarisse.

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