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© 2011 Cla Panuelos

© 2011 Cla Panuelos

I find it funny how I’m usually revamping my personal blog every time I get this sudden burst of idea or inspiration about where I want to take my life, my future, well, me basically. I also find it ironic given that I haven’t been writing here as often as I initially envisioned. The thing is, I have been struggling for so long to find my “identity” when all the while I should have focused more on my content to bring forth my identity for me.

Well so far, minimum content. There’s nothing in here that I call an obra maestra. However I do like this new look I’ve dressed my blog.

I know I am a writer and artist by heart. I also know I’ve been focusing a lot on my food blog lately, but I am in all honesty a baker third. If I look into my heart of hearts, this is what it will undoubtedly tell me, that I will always love writing and drawing even if you take baking and photography and all the other stuff I have grown to love out of the equation (but I still hope to be lucky enough to do them all!). That’s why I so adamantly maintain that this personal blog of mine, where I usually leave authentic chunks of myself and bare intimate chunks of my soul and thoughts, is a blog about ART and LIFE. My art, yes, but maybe not as much my life as the celebration of life in general.

And I know I’ve said this a million times before, but I swear I am going to learn how to manage my time this year so that I can have food-blogging days, writing days, and drawing days. I also have to squeeze in foreign language-learning days, but I’ll manage. I always do.

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I have nothing to show for 2012… yet.

I got nostalgia blown right into my face as I was cleaning my lovely desk the other day and I found all my old drawings. It’s interesting to see the patterns of the things I enjoy drawing, and how I was (and still am) mostly crazy for anime and intricate concept arts. It’s also interesting to see the variety of techniques I make use of, and it makes me think about what I would be doing right now had I pursued this particular talent of mine.

Truth be told, drawing has taken a back seat for me lately, and seeing all these drawings now, I am realising just how much I really miss it. I want to sit down and draw all day today. If only I can!

Sometime in 2006 and 2007, I promised myself I would draw all the signs of the zodiac. I also told myself I would design tarot cards, which turns out to be a little more complicated than I initially thought. In the end, I drew zero tarot cards that I felt remotely satisfied with, and I must’ve drawn about four zodiac signs. (How loserly!) These two were by far my favourites:


Around 2008, I tried experimenting a little with my drawing style. I will always have a heavy Japanese influence in the way that I draw, but I also began making my drawings a little less bug-eyed and a little more “realistic”. I made new versions of my zodiac drawings. Unfortunately until now I haven’t completed them. They remain inkless and colourless and sad. 😦


Come 2009, I became curious about alcohol markers when I saw how awesome they were from one of my favourite artists on dA. I drew my favourite couple from one of my favourite anime shows at the time: Full Metal Alchemist. I wasn’t good with colouring with markers yet, and to be fair, I got the cheap ones with the Kurekolor brand that would bleed like crazy! It ruins my work sometimes so I don’t use them as much anymore. I dream of collecting a complete set of Copic Markers, and I would’ve started collecting if only the markers were available locally. I’m buying some the next time I fly to Hong Kong for sure. After buying myself a Macbook Pro though, it might take me a while to amass the budget for the Copics. Why is it so expensive?!


2010 was the year I began to rediscover my love for sketching. I sketched a whole bunch of random stuff at that time! At the end of every sketch, my hands would be covered with dark lead marks, and the dirt and mini throbbing sensations on my drawing hand would feel like the best thing the world.

2010 A

Admittedly some of my favourite drawings were made during this period. I made an altered version of Vermeer’s Girl With The Pearl Earring, which for reasons I cannot explain is one of my favourite paintings in the world maybe because of its simplicity and mysterious look. My version is a little less serious and a bit more animated.

2010 B

I went through a phase in 2010 where I actually thought about drawing concept art for some sort of console game. I researched about weapons and made a notebook that served as a sort of encyclopedia/reference book for swords and guns. That encyclopedia project took me about 2 weeks but it was such a nice break from all the schoolwork. I like playing console games so I wouldn’t mind making one. (A million times easier said than done.)

2010 C

I didn’t get the chance to draw a lot in 2011 since I started working that year, although I distinctly remember wanting to make a series about Greek gods. On top in the picture below is my drawing of Aphrodite with a baby Cupid; and at the bottom, partially covered, is the drawing I am planning to complete in the next few days. It’s waaaay overdue!


Here’s to more drawings and finished works in the near future! 🙂