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The Dubai Dazzle

I just finished my travel diaries over on my other blog about my December trip to the UAE and I feel like doing a little happy dance right now! Seven freaking parts! I prepped for a loooong time but I suppose it’s all worth it. I’m planning to make a magazine-style picture book actually.

Dubai is a place that consistently made me look around in open-mouthed wonder at everything. Perhaps it is the unfamiliarity of it all; the fact that this is my first encounter with a country that isn’t so inclined towards either Asian or Western cultures like I am so used to seeing.

It must be the uniqueness of it all. It is after all my first time being in the desert, and the charms are so very different from anything I’ve ever experienced.

In my mind no words can really describe Dubai, and photographs can only attempt to capture it. You’d have to experience it to fully understand the magic, but a little bit of that magic can leak through images and words too. I hope. Which is why I made such an effort to write my Travel Diaries and edit my travel video. No idea if anybody’s reading it, but anyway I’ll do a little rundown over here of my favourite places alongside my favourite snapshots!

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Walkabouts in Hong Kong

Oh boy. It has been a while since I posted on this space! At the start of the year I was thinking about writing yet another resolutions list but then I haven’t exactly fulfilled the one I wrote last year, so most of them are still pretty much the same. I thought it would be nice to for once not try to constrain myself inside a list and just write about the goings-on in my life this year as they happen.

I mean, I do have a list of goals tucked away in my planner but they’re very specific so I don’t imagine they would make sense if shared on this space. I’m pretty sure I’d chronicle them anyway if and when I accomplish them. In short, I’ll just write about whatever the heck I feel like writing.

I wanted to post about a little something my family and I did at the start of the year, and that is fly to Hong Kong to visit my uncle. Among other things. 😉

Hong Kong is the only other country I have been to more than thrice and the thing that strikes me most about it is the insane number of people always walking on the streets. Literally just walking on and on and on and on until the late evening. But don’t take that as complaining. I actually like to do a lot of walking myself.

That’s me with the terribly shaggy hair, walking around in my new favourite pair of boots!

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{Wind-Down Weekend} November 1 to 2

So I contemplated for quite a bit whether or not I should write about my Halloween weekend, but since there are a bunch of photos I loved so much I decided, why the heck not? It’s quite ironic really but I found myself surprisingly content that weekend even though we didn’t actually do anything but chill out. I managed to squeeze in some blog-related work in the car if that counts, but for the most part we just frolicked under the golden hour sun, ate some pretty awesome food, and went to a puzzle museum. I wasn’t even supposed to go but I figured I’ve missed enough trips to the country with my family. I’m glad I changed my mind at the last minute. It was a really well spent weekend. 🙂

Always yes to Korean food.

Love this photo of the family being our usual crazy selves, unleashed in public when the photographer said, ‘Look behind you!’ There was nothing but the sign of the Puzzle Mansion of course.

Epic 18,000-piece puzzle. If I had a lot of time in my hands I reckon I would give such a project a go. I love love love puzzles. Wouldn’t mind having this sort of space to display them all. Our house is currently full of them already!

My favourite puzzles are the retro pieces like this Coca-Cola one. (Wanted to buy some retro puzzles from their shop but the designs they currently have aren’t as impressive.) I love the direwolf 3D piece too. Could not resist buying some more puzzles even though I don’t know where else to hang them.

I got an e-mail about this charming little place in Sta. Rosa across Paseo. I reviewed this on my food blog already so I won’t go into too much detail here. Just know I loved the interior. LOVED.

Awesome pizza topped with lamb and sweetened onions.

The first sunset of November. It came so fast.