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Getting my brush wet with Daniel Smith paints

Guess who finally decided to try out the Daniel Smith paints?

To be entirely honest, my curiosity has seen me spend a good amount of money for my watercoloring obsession lately. I’m pretty happy with the 36 watercolor palette I got myself recently (thoughts on that upcoming), but for the life of me I cannot shake off my desire to test out these paints.

Daniel Smiths are highly regarded as one of the best paints in the watercoloring world. Many artists actually declare it THE best. I can’t say much about that having tried none of the other expensive famous brands, but when I saw that DES Artroom were selling these Dot Charts I closed my eyes and clicked buy.

This 238 Dot Chart cost me Php 1,444 with shipping, but I figured it sure beats getting the set of primaries for the same price, or getting the set of 6 essentials for double the price. Primaries are colors I already have, and what I wanted more than anything was to see the unique colors Daniel Smith were offering.

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