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Some giftables for the holidays!

I can’t’ believe it’s almost Christmas-time once again! It’s around this season more than any that I get a very real urge to make one of those magazine-like compilations of certain lifestyle-related products that I have either been loving lately or wishing that I owned. In this case, I have combined both! I never thought I would actually complete a giftables list like this one that spans quite a few categories, but it feels really good to see the collages. Check them out? 🙂

Recently it seems as if I have started to really grow out of my shell. I have developed some semblance of good taste and have started to develop an eye for stylish clothes. For the most part, my wardrobe is still pretty dismal so I have to really upgrade it in the coming year. Here are some of the things I wish I had more in my closet, which I think are some wardrobe staples other girls should have as well!

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Pretty Things

{Looks I Love} Sun in my pocket

One of the things I love doing when I have free time in my hands is browsing through Net-A-Porter, looking at clothes I will probably never own. But mostly I like browsing through how they mix and match particular pieces together to get ideas on how to dress up. The moment I saw this, I immediately thought: This look is soooo me.

I am a huge fan of the whole loose top, fit bottom look, and it suits me well since I’m tall and lanky. Whenever I wear skirts, this is actually how I like to wear them; paired with a loose fitting top that is tucked in. It’s a really cute look, completed by an adorable bag that looks like it’ll be enough to fit my never-leave-home-without essentials (phone, wallet, book, lipgloss!). I always carry a book around with me, so expect that all my outfit collages will feature a book that I feel matches the look’s vibe and tone. Nail polish and cute iPhone cases are pretty self-explanatory.

1. Chinti & Parker oversized organic cotton shirt / 2. Chloe Marcie Mini leather shoulder bag / 3. Chan Luu 14-karat gold-vermeil and leather three-wrap bracelet / 4. Forever 21 Cutout Teardrop Earrings / 5. Essie Action Nail Polish / 6. Chinti & Parker striped cotton mini-skirt / 7. MHL by Margaret Howell Brushed-leather brogues /  8. iPhone case from Etsy / 9. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

I am really feeling the whole orange vibe for some reason. My favourite colour is yellow, but I’m always up for a nice orange shade, like that nail polish for instance. Lovely.

Now to replicate this look in a more budget-friendly manner. 😛